Fujitsu S300 ScanSnap PDF Scanner

Fujitsu PDF Scanner

Digitizing documents have become more and more common nowadays. That’s why devices that help convert paper documents into their digitized versions have also become popular. But many of these devices still tend to be too large and bulky to bring around.

With the mobile user in mind, Fujitsu has made available what might be the world’s smallest color scanner, the Fujitsu S300 ScanSnap. This mini color scanner is compact enough to carry around since it measures 11.18" x 9.27" x 9.8". Its small enough to carry along inside a laptop bag. But it does offer quite a feature.

The Fujitsu S300 ScanSnap mini color scanner can capture and digitize simultaneously from both sides. The digitized versions become perfect copies as they are meant to be seen. The mini scanner can scan up to 10 documents at a time by simply loading them on the scanner’s hopper. The S300 ScanSnap scanner then automatically recognizes the size and dimensions of each document and then digitizes them in their proper orientation.

The digitized versions are made as PDF files that can easily be searched simply by typing keywords. The Fujitsu S300 ScanSnap PDF scanner is also quite convenient in that it can be powered using your laptops USB slot in absence of any AC power source. This feature makes it quite convenient indeed.

Image Source: Fujitsu

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