Fujitsu GPS New Generation Cane

While modern technology is geared towards helping make life more convenient for people in general, most of them are targeted for either adults, kids and consumers with the means to spend cash for them. But that is not to say that technology is profit oriented, it is just they way the world works sometimes. But there are also technology systems developed to help life more comfortable for older people, a segment of the society that sometimes gets neglected. One technology introduced lately to cater to seniors come in the form of this new Fujitsu GPS New Generation Cane.

The Fujitsu GPS New Generation Cane was recently introduced in the World Mobile Congress held in Barcelona, Spain. This cane prototype comes featured with GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth. One of its primary functions is to help seniors get to their destination and also records data to make sure that the seniors will not have any difficulty getting there.

The New Generation Cane comes with a contoured handle that also features a simple display of colored light dots that can provide users with useful information. It can provide directions by lighting green arrows to point the user to the right direction. It can also display a user’s heart rate in big green numbers on the handle. The Fujitsu New Generation Cane is a prototype that may have a lot of potential in terms of usability with the growing senior population who are also getting to be more tech savvy. But currently, the device remains as a prototype to provide a means to demonstrate how useful it can be.

Image Source: Engadget

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