Fujitsu Develops Self-Destructing USB Drive

While a USB drive has become convenient among people who are always on the go, the problem lies when it gets lost and all that data falls in the wrong hands. Fujitsu has come up with a unique device that deletes save data after a certain amount of time to prevent unauthorized access.

The USB drive, called Tamatebako in Japan, can destroy data ranging from as short as 10 minutes to one full week. It comes with 2GB of memory and also claims that data can be set to be erased when the drive’s being accessed using the wrong passwords, when it is plugged into a non-authorized computer, or that it’s impossible to copy data from the drive.

The Tamatebako also keeps note on which computer, whether PC or Mac, it has been plugged into. Data is encrypted via AES256bit. It is set to hit the Japanese market beginning next July. No word whether it will be available in the United States, but since it has been announced in Fujitsu America, it is only a matter of when.

Source: Fujitsu (in Japanese, PDF file),via CrunchGear

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