Fujifilm xD 1GB Picture Card

Fujifilm xD 1GB Picture Card

The Fujifilm 1GB xD Picture Memory Card is a memory card that was specifically designed for digital cameras. Compared to other digital media that are available out there, it is one of the most reliable and most durable cards that is available. This digital storage medium was primarily designed for use with Olympus and Fujifilm digital devices.

This is an ultra-compact memory card which has been known to have fast data transfer rates of 5Mb of data per second. Which is very helpful for the casual or the serious shooter. This media has been produced to become compatible to accommodate up to 8GB in the future.

All in all, the Fujifilm 1GB xD (xD for ‘eXtreme Digital’) is a memory card that is sure to impress its users with the storage, sleek design and the fast data-transfer rate that it boasts of. If you’re looking for a performer that has it all, you best take a look at the Fujifilm 1GB xD Picture Card.

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