Fuji FinePix Z10FD Digital Camera

Fuji FinePix Z10FD Digital Camera

The Fuji FinePix Z10FD is a camera that is geared for teenagers. It consists of two 4-way rocker rings, a menu/OK button inside the bottom of the two rockers and a display button aside from the shutter button.

The camera is a sturdy camera which is especially designed for those teenagers who might not be as keen in operating digital cameras yet but who would like to be able to take pictures of themselves and their friends. It has face-detection technology and also different staple features such as self-timer and macro modes. It also has the "picture stabilization" mode which essentially turns up the ISO setting.

The Z10FD includes a simple high-speed infrared transmission capability which allows you to be able to transfer different images to another IR-capable device. With that being said, the Fuji FinePix Z10FD is one simple camera that is specifically geared towards the younger generation. It will give teenagers enough time to get acquainted with the different controls until they want to graduate to a higher, better-performing model.

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