FrontRow Wearable Camera

More and more people are into capturing their daily lives on video and then sharing it to the world. There is this fascination for some people to open up their own lives available online for other people to see. And for the audience, having the experience viewed on video would appreciate seeing it from the first-person approach. The new FrontRow Wearable Camera will certainly be helpful in achieving that.

The FrontRow Wearable Camera can provide the user with a simple and yet effective way to record videos in the first person. This unique camera is wearable and provides a fascinating first-person view user without much effort. Worn around with a necklace and an adjustable lanyard with mount, the FrontRow camera can provide the user with hours of footage from the first person approach and can also be used for instant live streaming on social networks. The camera itself is unique, since it comes in a circular shape with a camera on both sides and a 2-inch touch screen display.  When worn around the neck, users can have hands free footage of their activities, in a way making the video more natural and convenient.

The FrontRow Camera also allows users easy linking to social networks when live streaming. Fast Bluetooth connectivity also ensures quick syncing with any smartphone running the FrontRow app. Users can then make use of this connection for easy file transfers as well as additional remote control capabilities. The FrontRow wearable camera has a standby time of up to 2 days and can capture footage in its Story Mode for up to 16 hours. Users can keep the camera going during live streaming for up to two hours. The FrontRow wearable camera is ideal for users who wish to capture their experiences in video in the first person and then share it with friends or the whole world.  It is available at the FrontRow site and other selected retailers for around $399.

Image Source: FrontRow

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