Frontgate Backyard Outdoor Theater System

frontpage backyard outdoor theater system

Outdoor cinema is a dying American tradition. Even you no longer feel the need to bring your car out on a huge parking lot with a movie projector, but you still long for watching movies without too many crowds or that feeling of confinement you get from cinemas. Why not watch them in your backyard, then?

The Backyard Outdoor Theater System from Frontgate is an all-in-one unit that displays videos on a large screen right in your very own property, much like a personalized outdoor cinema. You can use it just like any other home theater system, only with a kick of attitude and class. This theater system can also be a great multimedia centerpiece whenever you have pool parties, barbecues, or other memorable gatherings in your home.

The system includes an incredible 12-foot wide screen with 720p digital resolution and expandable aluminum frame, a pair of 80-watt speakers, and an Epson Moviemate 72 projector. It is completely weatherproof and does not have inflatable parts that would ruin your outdoor movie enjoyment. All it takes is just 20 minutes for you to assemble and dissemble the system. You can also use the outdoor theater system for businesses such as events, video production, and the like.

The Frontgate Backyard Outdoor Theater System is available at a discounted retail price of $2,999. You can also purchase only the outdoor screen and aluminum frame for just $1,499.

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