Front-Faced Camera Support Available on Vine for Android

Some Android apps take forever to come up with features similar to its iOS counterparts, and Vine is no exception. The Vine for Android app is no different, as its latest update finally has front-faced camera support, allowing users to record and upload six-second selfies just like their iOS fellows who have been doing so since April.

Apart from the new feature, Twitter has also announced that the Vine for Android will perform a bit faster than usual.

And as all Android users know by now, not all Google-powered devices would be able to run Vine, as the video-sharing app is only available for mobile devices with Android 4.0 or higher. The latest software update comes after Vine for Android introduced hashtags and Facebook sharing last week; and it also makes the app at par with Vine on iOS.

The front-faced camera support is the one thing that Instagram video recording remains lacking. Will the Facebook-owned image-sharing service catch up with the arguably more popular competitor? We will just have to find out.

Source: Vine on Twitter, via The Verge

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