Fridge Magnet Photo Frame

Fridge Digital Photo Magnet

Every home has a fridge that is filled with magnets and photos of family members sharing precious moments.  And if you combine the two and create a Fridge Magnet Photo Frame, it completely makes sense. 

This unique digital photo frame can store up to 66 images displayed in 320 x 240 resolution and can easily be mounted on your fridge door with the help of its magnetic back.  You can also scroll the images at whatever speed you desire from 5 to 80 seconds.  The fridge magnet photo frame has 32MB of internal memory and can display your photos up to 11 hours in a single charge.  Reloading the energy can be done through USB connection, which is included in the purchase. 

The digital photo frame can support a multitude of file formats from JPG, GIF, to BMP; and can also be set between automatic and manual change modes.  If you do not prefer putting the frame on the fridge, you can have it free standing by simply popping out a stand at the back.

Purchase of this fridge magnet photo frame also comes with software needed to upload your images onto the frame.  Please take note that the software requires Windows XP or Mac to work, as it is not compatible to Windows Vista.  The Fridge Magnet Photo Frame is available for only ₤29.99, or US$41.62.

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