FretPen: Your very tiny portable guitar



The inspiration to make music could strike everywhere, but it would be inconveninent having to carry your guitar anywhere. Don’t fret, because we’ve got FretPen.

Call it a tiny, portable guitar, FretPen is actually a pen. But when you pop off the cap, then connect the ballpoint into the guitar body, you can start plucking that one tiny string. The device connects with a smartphone via Bluetooth, which then serves as a wireless amplifier that can blare out a variety of rock sounds whether acoustic or garage.

FretPen app

Because it only has a single string, the device features a directional pad on the body to simulate the multiple guitar strings and frets. And if you are in a mood to write lyrics to your rock masterpiece, just pull out the pen from the fret board and jot the words away.

Created by a Colorado-based startup, the FretPen is currently on Kickstarter asking for a $35,000 funding. As of this writing, the campaign has received over $11,000 worth of pledges. You can pre-order the device with at least $119 pledge, with an expected delivery on November 2014.

Source: Mashable

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