Freeplay ZipCharge Quick Charger

As people increasingly use more and more portable devices as part of the daily routine, the problem with keeping them charged all of the time becomes a serious issue. The fact that different devices may require different chargers to bring along makes mobility quite a problem the more gadgets a person may be accustomed of bringing along wherever he or she goes. That is why a more suitable solution may be needed.

There are now a variety of all-in-one chargers being offered in the market to satisfy the need of people to conveniently charge their gadgets without having to deal with a multitude of wires and substantial lack of power outlets wherever they go. A more convenient option would be the Freeplay ZipCharge Quick Charger. Not only does this handy charger provide power for devices when needed, it does so very quickly.

The Freeplay ZipCharge Quick Charger features the latest in battery technology. It uses a high conversion efficiency nano-phosphate lithium cell with 1100mAh capacity that allows 4 times faster battery charging as compared to using a lithium ion battery. Charging the ZipCharge for ten minutes can provide the power for a fully charged mobile phone or iPod. A 60 second charge is enough to provide 15 minutes worth of talk time for your mobile phone and two hours worth of playing time on your iPod. Adapter tips are provided to accommodate most of the popular portable devices today. The handy Freeplay ZipCharge is available at Firebox for 49.99 UK pounds.

Image Source: Freeplay

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