FreedomPop’s Privacy Phone: Invisible even to NSA

FreedomPop Privacy Phone

FreedomPop Privacy Phone

FreedomPop has unveiled a “black smartphone,” a term given to mobile devices whose security measures make them invisible to spying. The Privacy Phone, which the company informally calls the “Snowden Phone” in honor of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, is a modified Samsung Galaxy II phone and uses “bank-quality” 128-bit encryption for voice calls and text messages. This means all your voice and text communications have the same protection as bank transactions.

The phone’s app and Internet usage also have its own security procedures, as The Privacy Phone can deliver application and Internet data through an encrypted private network. FreedomPop claims their latest private mobile device can protect users from phishing websites, which prey on unwitting phone owners and steal their confidential data. It also allows owners to change phone numbers multiple times, as well as block all unsolicited incoming phone calls and text messages.

However, VentureBeat points out that despite being a privacy-oriented provider, interested phone users would have to input their email addresses and home address, down to the zip code, into the FreedomPop website to find out if their location is qualified. The company insists they are not saving any data about their customers’ calling.

The Privacy Phone is available for $190 with no contract. After enjoying 500MBs of data and unlimited voice and text for three months, FreedomPop charges users $10 a month. It can also be purchased using Bitcoins, an anonymous (yet tumultuous) digital currency.

Source: VentureBeat

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