Freedom Dynamo Electric Shaver

freedom dynamo

Electric shavers easily beat standard ones in terms of convenience. But there are times you would wish you had with you your ordinary shaver – times when electric shavers become useless when they run out of power. Here is a very cool electric shaver that you could use even when you are off the grid, the Freedom Dynamo Electric Shaver.

Aside from the time and effort needed to liberate your stubble from ear to ear, what really sucks about shaving is that men have to fret about cords, batteries, and electricity. The Freedom Dynamo Electric Shaver is different from other battery-powered shavers in that its built in hand crank allows you to charge the battery without the need to plug the device into a power socket.

With its Wind ‘N Go lever, all you have to do is to wind it up for one minute or so, and you have got enough power supply to shave your face. The Freedom Dynamo Electric Shaver features 110 volt power adapter, 12 volt car charger, and low battery indicator light. The shaver comes with three heads that properly rotate and flex to provide a precise and close performance. It also comes with a travel case that includes adapters, cleaning brush, and a mirror.

You can purchase replacement foils and blades separately. The Freedom Dynamo Electric Shaver is available off the Internet for only $49.99.

Image Source: ThinkGeek

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