Freecom Mobile Drive CLS


There are now a lot of compact external hard drives available today. Most of them usually feature a drove connected to a single USB slot. Freecom provides a new take on such drives with its new Freecom Mobile Drive CLS.

The concept for the new Freecom Mobile Drive CLS is that it allows users to categorize their files into three different external drives attached as a unit. CLS stands for Collect, Label and Save and tell a lot about what this external drive is all about. Each Mobile Drive CLS 2.5″ external drive can be used on its own or can be connected into an optional 3-port USB dock. Files can then be stored on the drives which can be labeled according to their file categories. This versatile external drive is available at Freecom from US$89 for the 250GB version to US$139 for the 640GB drive. The 3-port CLS USB Dock is also available for US$20.

Image Source: Freecom

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