Free Loader Solar Charger

Free loader solar charger

If you find chargers quite a bit bulky to bring along with you, then you would need some handy alternative to have around. How about a charger that can help charge your portable devices through solar power? If you are quite interested in the idea, then you might want to check out the Free Loader Solar Charger.

The Free Loader Solar Charger actually offers you two main benefits when you use it. First, you can use it to charge or provide power for your portable gadgets such as cell phones, mp3 players and others while you are out and about. You do not have to look for electrical outlets to charge your hand held devices.

The Free Loader Solar Charger has its own internal battery along with its solar panels that provide electrical power from the sun. Second, the Free Loader Solar Charger also comes with a number of adapters to fit into most of the popular handheld devices today. You no longer have to bring along several chargers whenever you need some power for your device. It is quite a convenient device to have which can be yours for 33 UK Pounds.

Image Source: Solar Technology International

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