Sprint offers free iPhone 5S and 5C

Sprint offers free iPhone 5C and 5S

Sprint offers free iPhone 5C and 5S

While Walmart is offering discounted iPhone 5S and 5C, Sprint has something better: offering the phones for free! You’ve heard it right, Sprint has a new promotion that offers $100 off any phone when you switch from a competing carrier. This means that you can get the 16GB iPhone 5S or the 32GB iPhone 5C, both priced at $99, for free. That’s pretty much an offer that is hard to refuse.

However, not everybody likes Sprint, so they might hatch an evil plan of getting the free iPhone yet not staying with Sprint. Or worse, grab the free iPhone, then switch to Sprint for a while and cancel the service after 14 days.

You might not wanna do that, since early cancellation at Sprint would cost you up to $350 per phone number, which is like purchasing a new iPhone at full price, as well as additional activation fees.

While this virtually-free iPhone promotion may do well in the United States, where Apple already has a dominant market share, it begs to question whether such offer will be available overseas, especially in China.

Source: VentureBeat

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