Foxit eSlick eBook Reader

foxit eslick reader

Foxit wants in on the which-is-the-best-eBook-reader game. Foxit has recently introduced its answer to Kindle: eSlick.


The eSlick has the other eBook reader’s 6-inch, 600 x 800 pixel screen, but it’s thinner – about 180g, and also weighs less – 9.2 mm. eSlick also promises longer battery life with it’s revolutionary E-ink technology. Foxit puts it at 8,000 page turns. eSlick also boasts of a 128MB internal memory.

Eslick works with PDF and plain text files, and it has PDF conversion software.

Unfortunately, unlike the other, it doesn’t have wireless capabilities. Which means, you can’t shop instantly for eBooks. With the eSlick, you are stuck to the old-fashioned way of getting books into it: dock it via your old USB port. Foxit also forgot to include ePub, which allows for text formatting in the eSlick’s features.

On the plus side though, eSlick has an MP3 player – which probably won’t get utilized. Honestly, who doesn’t own an iPod these days. It also has a 2GB SD card in the box.

Eslick is available in three colors: black, gray and white. Take advantage of its introductory price of $229.99.

Foxit is reportedly planning to add wireless capabilities to the eSlick. Until then… Perhaps, we’re just going to have wait and see.

Image source: Foxit

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