Foursquare update lets you order from local restaurants

Foursquare update lets you call delivery

Foursquare update lets you call delivery

A latest Foursquare update brings more than just checking into your favorite ramen shop, getting that mayor’s crown, or letting your friends know you are about to hit the gym.

Foursquare teams up with GrubHub Seamless and now you can order delivery from local restaurants even if you are not checking in. Simply browse Foursquare for local bistros and eateries and check if they have either the GrubHub or Seamless icon, as shown in the screenshot above. Then, just tap the “order delivery” button and you will be redirected to the GrubHub or Seamless website (depending on which delivery service the restaurant uses).

The Foursquare update is now available on iOS, Android, and its web app. It is unclear whether the update will have a Windows 8 version, but you can still go to the phone and call delivery, right?

Source: Foursquare

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