Foursquare Update Introduces Filtered Search

While Foursquare has gotten people check in to various businesses and establishments (and let other people know where you can be stalked, but we digress), the app also provides an opportunity for users to explore new places around them. This is what the latest Foursquare update wants to enhance.

The Foursquare update introduces filtered search that helps users find places based on their preferences. Apart from letting users find venues within a certain distance, it now allows them to filter the search results according to specifications like “I Haven’t Checked In,” “I’ve Checked In Before,” “My Friends Have Checked In,” “Offering Specials,” “Open Now,” and “I’ve Saved.” Users can also sort out the results according to how pricey they want their dinner or hot stone massage.

For instance, if you find yourself in Portland, Maine, and have a craving for cheap Korean food, Foursquare might just help you with that.

“You can be as choosy as you want to be,” Foursquare writes on its official blog.

For the not-so-picky people, they could just tap the “Best Nearby” button and let Foursquare show off its list of recommended places to visit, or search for “Specials” for discounts specifically to Foursquare customers.

The Foursquare update is now available on the iOS and Android versions. BlackBerry and Windows Phone users may have to pray hard (or twiddle their fingers) for an update on their devices.

Source: Foursquare, via Engadget

Image source: Engadget

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