Ford Sync Feature Brings Microsoft On Board

Ford sync

Recent advances in consumer gadgets and technology has allowed even car manufacturers to join into the picture. In a move to attract the more technology savvy consumers, Ford has teamed up with Microsoft to bring Sync into its line of cars models.

Ford Sync is an in-car communications and entertainment system that allows car drivers and passengers to integrate their portable entertainment gadgets and mobile phones as part of the car’s features. What Ford Sync provides is a means for a person’s digital music player as well as mobile phone to be instantly connected to the car’s own communications and entertainment systems to allow users continuous use of their gadgets while inside the car.

Ford Sync is compatible with most of the popular digital music players that support mp3, AAC, WMA and WAV formats. And most Bluetooth enabled phones will also work well with Ford Sync. With Ford Sync, compatible digital music players and mobile phones are automatically connected to the car’s own microphone and sound system.

This allows the portable music players to make use of the car’s speakers to listen to favorite music files. Mobile phone users may also be able to use their phones with Ford Sync’s hands free feature for a more convenient phone communications while inside the car.

Image Source: Syncmyride and Ford

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