Foozball Tables with a New Look

11 Foozball Table

Foozball has become a timeless game that people do not seem to get over. For those who’ve never heard of it, foozball is also known as "table soccer" in some parts of the world.

It is that unique looking gaming table that has handles on the sides and a football field for a table top lined up with little pieces moved by the said handles. Recently, this timeless game has been given somewhat of a makeover.

People from GRO Design and Tim modelmakers has recently come up with "11", a foozball table oozing with style. It is quite a departure from your usual table soccer tables which becomes eye sores from years and years of wear and tear.

The "11", it seems, is the most stylish and polished foozball table to date. It consists of chrome polished player pieces and is housed in an aesthetically appropriate design for a table that would even make the design and style conscious crowd take a second glance.

Although not yet available for purchase, it has already made its way to several design exhibits to try and catch more people to take a different look at a timeless game known as foozball.



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