The Folding Mi Qicycle Electric Bike 

Xiaomi Electric Bike

Xiaomi Electric Bike

More and more people are becoming more eco-friendly nowadays. The threat of modernization has always been the destruction of our natural world. For the longest time, people have not been concerned about taking care of the planet until the recent consequences such as climate change and worsening pollution have become even worse in many countries.  But now a number of people have realized that change is needed to help the planet survive. Now many are considering using renewable energy as an alternative. In the case of travel, some people are becoming interested in things like electric bicycles. The new Mi Qicycle Electric Bike from Xiaomi will surely be interesting for people who love traveling in their local area.

The Mi Qicycle Electric Bike is a folding electric bike designed for the masses. First of all, it is made to be affordable, costing around $406 to get one. It is also designed for easy handling for people who would want to use it to commute to work. It can be folded for easy storage once users arrive at their destination. It also features a 3-speed hub with a 250-watt motor that offers pedal assist. This feature can work for up to 25 miles on a single charge.

The Mi Qicycle Electric Bike is also considered as a smart electric bike, featuring Bluetooth connectivity along with a companion app for a user’s smartphone to keep track of bike status, travel data as well as GPS navigation. This folding electric smart bike also comes with its own display on the handlebar that keeps track of distance, time, speed, battery charge and other data. The Mi Qicycle Electric Bike is currently undergoing a crowdfunding campaign in China, where it is basically being marketed. But who knows, it might just reach US shores or even Europe, once demand in the market gets into high gear.

Image Source: Miui

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