The Foldaway Exercise Bicycle Desk

The Foldaway Exercise Bicycle DeskTrying to keep a regular exercise schedule while working can be a challenge for many people. Being busy at work can sometimes eat up the time some people would spend for exercise. Sometimes, work can be too stressful and tiring that most people would go home rather than head to the gym for some bit of work out. Some people just need to think more creatively when it comes to balancing work and trying to stay fit. There are many options available, just like the Foldaway Exercise Bicycle Desk.

The Foldaway Exercise Bicycle Desk is a unique desk and exercise bike in one.  Busy people can continue working while pedaling away as a form of fitness. People can catch up on what they are working on while exercising away. This convenient setup also comes with a padded adjustable saddle and pedals that can adjust strength via magnetic resistance. Switching to different strengths is convenient via a turn of a dial. An onboard computer also monitors and displays time, distance, speed and calories burned while on the bike. The laptop table comes with an elastic cord to keep any device in place. When not in use, it can easily be folded and stored easily. The Foldaway Exercise Bicycle Desk is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for $299.

Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer

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