Fogring Mini Humidifier

Having to deal with the dry cold air can be a challenge for some. Dry air makes it hard for some people to breath, making them uncomfortable and sometimes can trouble those sensitive sinuses. It pays to always have a handy humidifier around to help provide some much needed moisture into the air. This Fogring Mini Humidifier may be handy enough to bring along even on trips.

The Fogring Mini Humidifier can be a lifesaver for people with sensitive sinuses. This small donut shaped device can be used to humidify any room when it is connected via an available USB port. It can float on any body of water and uses ultrasonic waves to create vapors out of water. To humidify a room, just putting the Fogring into a glass or cup of water while connected to a USB port would do the trick. The Fogring is currently a design concept for now from Neotizen and is not yet available commercially. But it does make sense having such a device someday.

Image Source: Neotizen

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