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It seems that having the iPhone gives you the  means to access some of the more interesting and innovative apps you can get your hands on. This is not taking anything against Android and other phones, but iPhone users usually have the first dibs at some of the more unique apps out there. One probable reason may be is that the app developers find it easier to earn rewards, financial and otherwise when they develop apps for Apple devices first. But that’s just me. But if you get to see apps like the new Focus Twist, then you might get the idea of what I’m talking about.

The Focus Twist iOS app is a unique app that tries to mimic the images taken with the Lytro, that light-field technology camera that takes pictures that provides amazing clarity and sharpness to any part of the image you focus into. The Focus Twist aims to create the same effect using your iPhone camera. It is just a unique way of using the smartphone’s camera that allows the app to create such Lytro-like images.

When taking an image and using the Focus Twist, users first need to compose an image with a close-up object 3 to 5 near the camera and another object at a distance that the camera can focus on. Users also need to stay still for a few seconds as the app works its magic. What Focus Twist users will get is an image that you can focus in and out to refocus on a certain image and still view it clear and sharp. It depends on how the user composes the image captured to give an almost similar Lytro effect.  The Focus Twist iOS app is available at the App Store for a $2 download. Now you can experience that Lytro effect on your images without having to fork up a fortune on the actual light-field camera.

Image Source: App Store

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