Flyshark Portable Keyboard

Flyshark Portable KeyboardWhen it comes to gadgets, everything has become portable and mobile. People now consider choosing gadgets that are easy to carry along and store. From smartphones to tablets, people sometimes choose those that they can easily bring along with them wherever they go. This also goes for their accessories. For people who wish to have a portable keyboard always handy when needed, the Flyshark fits the bill perfectly.

The Flyshark Portable Keyboard is a unique foldable mini QWERTY keyboard that may be the most convenient of its kind to have around. It is designed for people who prefer using a keyboard instead of a gadget’s built-in keypad. Composing emails are easier using a keyboard, for one. And with the Flyshark Portable Keyboard, you can always have one handy without worrying about the hassle of bringing along a bulky device.

The Flyshark Portable Keyboard is just the size of a typical smartphone, even thinner than most. It comes in a clamshell design. Undo the latch and you open a wireless mini QWERTY keyboard that you can use conveniently with your smartphone, tablet or other device that supports Bluetooth connectivity. You can use it continuously for up to 20 days for every charge. Stand by time is up to 60 days. The Flyshark Portable Keyboard comes with a protective aluminum alloy shell and will cost you around $50. It is available at Touch Of Modern if you are interested.

Image Source: Touch of Modern

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