Flying Digital Alarm Clock

Getting up in the morning can be quite hard. Most alarm clocks may not work that well in trying to get you up since their alarms are relatively easy to turn off. Most people would usually do that and go back to sleep. A more effective alarm clock should do a better job than that.

A unique take on an alarm clock is the Flying Digital Alarm Clock. It is a unique digital clock that seems equipped with a propeller on top. This actually has an important function to make the alarm clock even more effective in waking and keeping you up when it’s time. Once the alarm goes off at the appointed time, the propeller on top is activated and flies off into the air. It then carries with it the key that would silence the alarm. Users would have no choice but to get up and find where that key went in order to turn of their alarm clock. That early challenge would always be enough to wake a sleepyhead effectively. This unique Flying Alarm Clock is available at Amazon for only US$10.

Image Source: Amazon

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