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gopro drone

gopro drone

When it comes to action cameras, GoPro has pretty much led the way in trying to promote and made this market segment surge into popularity. They were the pioneers that made action cameras as popular as they are now. It is all but natural that the company also offer something that has recently taken into the air, literally speaking, when it comes to taking action shots. Drone action shots has become quite the thing nowadays and GoPro is never the one to be left behind in this area. From offering personal action cameras, GoPro has now introduced its first quadcopter action camera in the form of the GoPro Karma.

First GoPro Drone

The company has just recently announced the new GoPro Karma, a compact and foldable quadcopter that can be fitted with a GoPro action camera to take to the air and get some aerial action shots. The GoPro Karma is designed to allow users with a convenient way of using a drone while taking a GoPro camera up in the air. It can easily fit into an included backpack that is comfortable to wear, even when doing any particular activity. And when some aerial shots are needed, users can easily attach the GoPro camera into the Karma drone and let it fly.

The GoPro Karma also comes with a game-style controller with an integrated touch display, making

It fun and enjoyable to control without the need for a separate smartphone or tablet to see the real-time action shots. The drone’s 3-axis camera stabilizer is removable and can be fitted into the included Karma Grip if users would like to capture some smooth handheld or gear-mounted action footage. The GoPro Karma is set to be available sometime in the last week of October this year. The drone-only setup is expected to cost around $800.

Image Source: GoPro

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