Flood of netbook models to ebb as Asus and Acer clear out inventory

If you were waiting on buying a netbook because they keep putting out new ones with slightly tweaked specs, now might be a good time to buy. Acer and Asus, the two big netbook and ultraportable PC makers, are taking a breather as they evaluate new hardware options and try to sell all the netbooks stacked up in warehouses throughout the country.

The new Atom N550 dual-core netbooks should be showing up in August, so you’ve got a good month during which to relax, compare specs, and pick a color that matches your new drapes.

When it comes to buying a netbook. It is more important that you focus on your choice  between SSD and HDD, and between form factors and finishes. Try to pick one with the desired weight and make sure you can use the smaller keyboard.

Tips, Dawn Donohoo

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