Floating Boombox

With the summer just around the corner, many people are preparing what they plan to do out in the sun. Enjoying summer usually involves going to beaches or hanging out by the pool to cool off. It would be nice if you bring along food and music to enjoy the time with. Music in the pool sounds even better while you swim. Having this Floating Boombox around will surely make your day at the pool, beach or the lake sound cool.

The Floating Boombox is a special set of speakers designed for your smartphone or portable music player. But it is not just your typical speakers. It is designed to look like a cool boombox. But that is not all. The Floating Boombox is also water proof and fully submersible. Connect your smartphone or PMP into the speaker via the waterproof compartment and you can have a portable sound system designed for wet environments. When you let it float on the water, the speakers always face up to make sure that you and your friends get to fully enjoy the music you have prepared.

The pair of high performance speakers can run for up to 25 hours on battery power. Just put in four C batteries into the compartment and you are ready to let your sounds float on water, literally. On dry land, you can power up the speakers using the included AC adapter. The Floating Boombox is available at Sharper Image for US$150.

Image Source: Sharper Image

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