FlipShare TV

Flipshare TV

From the makers of Flip pocket camcorder, now acquired by Cisco, come FlipShare TV, which wirelessly brings your Flip Video library of photos and video clips right onto your TV screen and even share files instantly with other FlipShare users.

FlipShare works by connecting the base to the TV through composite or HDMI cables then plug the USB key into your PC or Mac.  The Flip videos stored on the computer are then transmitted wirelessly to the base, instantly enabling your home videos seen on the TV, even without any wireless home network.  You can also navigate through the intuitive TV interface with a wireless remote.

FlipShare TV works with FlipShare 5.0, the latest software from Flip Video.  It takes video sharing to a different level, as other FlipShare owners can watch videos shared by fellow users on their own TV.

The FlipShare TV is now available at different retailers and official Flip Stores for only US$149.99.

Image source:  TheFlip.com

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