FlipAround Motorized TV Mount

FlipAround Motorized TV MountSome people prefer their homes in the minimalist style. This means that they usually go for minimal interior accessories or furniture with more focus on open space. It does not have to be a huge or a tiny home for this to work. People usually like to have appliances and gadgets that are multi-functional in order to preserve as much open space as they can. When it comes to a choice between aesthetics and modern conveniences, this FlipAround Motorized TV Mount will make it an easy choice for minimalist homes.

The FlipAround Motorized TV Mount is a unique TV mount that works in two ways- it can mount a TV to entertain people and guests when needed and turn around to showcase a painting or photo artwork on the other side for the more aesthetic choice. The FlipAround Motorized TV Mount makes use of a patented design of compression springs, gas springs and a series of links to make the 180-degree flip from one side to the other as seamless and as smooth as possible. This makes it versatile enough to hide the TV when it is not needed and display a painting, mirror or any other framed artwork in its place. The FlipAround Motorized TV Mount is available at the HVTVMounts site for $1400. it is not cheap by any means. But it can serve a valuable purpose for people who prefer a home with as little clutter as possible. If that is too expensive for you, then there is also a non-motorized version that go for $700.

Image Source: HVTVMounts

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