Flip Slide HD Now Available

Cisco‘s latest baby, the Flip Slide HD, now lands on retail shelves. A member of the popular Flip line of portable video cameras, this one features a pop-up three-inch screen. It folds down and the display becomes a resistive touchscreen, but you can pop it open when playing the video back for easy viewing. Opening the gadget also features a capacitive touch slider control below the screen.

The Flip Slide HD comes with stereo speakers, HDMI out, and a headphone jack for those who opt not to disturb the peace during playback. The camera is similar to the Flip Mino HD, a 720p video-capable camera with no image stabilization. The storage, however, is upped to 16GB for four hours of record time and 12 hours of compressed video storage.

It is now available in Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and on Flip’s online store, starting at US$279.99.

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