Flip Phone Sports A Three -Display Design Smartphone

A number of different smartphone designs have already been introduced in the market. Some have become popular while others have fallen into obscurity. It can be quite a challenge trying to introduce new designs that can stand out. There are times when unique design captures the imagination just like this Flip Phone design concept.

The Flip Phone is a unique smartphone with a three-display feature. The displays are composed of three flexible AMOLED touchscreens. Not only that, there is also a keyboard on the reverse side of one display. The displays form a triangular piece held together by soft steel mesh hinges. It will also run on a custom flavor of Android that extends the possibilities of what a smartphone can do.

The Flip Phone design concept was developed by Kristian Ulrich Larsen. Its different display features provide additional options for users- from a larger screen display, twin-sharing displays, and more. Its coolness factor adds to its appeal. The Flip Phone is still a design concept but is available at Yanko Design for further exploration.

Image Source: Yanko Design

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