Flip Alarm Clock

It may depend on some people, but an alarm clock can either be a nuisance or a lifesaver. It is a lifesaver in that it helps people wake up when they need to in order to avoid getting late for work or for school. It can be a nuisance in the same manner. Some people just do not like to wake up early and so see alarm clocks as an annoyance sometimes. One way that may help ease that is by making it easier for the user to shut the alarm off when it needs to shut up. This is where the Flip Alarm Clock may come in handy.

The Flip Alarm Clock is a unique alarm clock in terms of some functions. For one, turning the alarm on or off is just a matter of flipping the alarm clock on the right side facing up. One side comes with the word “On” while the other has the word “Off” to indicate the side of the alarm function. There is no need for users to manhandle the alarm clock just to find the stop alarm button. All they need to do is just flip the whole alarm clock on or off on the right side.

The Flip Alarm Clock comes with internal sensors that allow it to determine which side is up. The time display also flips on the right position whenever the alarm clock is flipped on or off, making it easy for users to tell the time all the time. Their simple designs make it all the more appealing with a choice of different bright colors that can make the Flip Alarm clock stand out on top of any table. It is a no-nonsense device that has simplicity written all over it. The Flip Alarm Clock is available at Firebox for 29 UK Pounds. That is around US$44.

Image Source: Firebox

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