FLEXiT LED Flood Light

A portable light source to provide lighting in dark areas is an essential tool to have for various purposes. But not all can be quite versatile enough to provide good lighting for just about anything. That is something that the new FLEXiT Light excels at.

What makes the FLExiT Light special is that it is quite flexible enough to set as a light source for just about any situation. It is made up of a series of 16 high output wide angled bright LED bulbs set in a ultra-thin and flexible silicone body that can be bent and folded into a variety of light projections. If also features a Shape-Loc Frame that allows it to hold a certain position in place.

The FLEXiT LED flood light can provide three light functions- Low, Med and High. They can be bent into positions either to provide broad or focused lighting in a certain area. It also features a durable ABS base that holds 3 AA batteries, the switch controls as well as two large neodymium magnets that can be used to help put the light in place. The FLEXiT Light is available at Striker for US$30.

Image Source: Striker

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