Flatmet Collapsible Helmet

Head protection is important for a number of tasks. Aside from riding motorcycles, helmets are also important for people who do construction or do a number of tasks that require overhead positioning. Sometimes, people may not even think of using a helmet because it can be too bulky to bring along just about anywhere. This inconvenience is something that the Flatmet Collapsible Helmet tries to eliminate.

The Flatmet Collapsible Helmet is a foldable protective head gear ideal for people on the go. This ensures that people will always have some protective headgear ready for use that they can store in their bag and bring along just about anywhere. This special protective headgear can be folded flat when not in use making it convenient to store and carry when not in use. And when the time comes when it is needed, all the user has to do is to open up the helmet and it is ready to provide protection especially during emergencies. It functions as a hard hat ideal for school and workplaces where sufficient protective headgear is required. It is robust enough to protect against head injuries and also look stylish to wear.  Unique in design yet stylish when worn, the Flatmet Collapsible Helmet is available at the Japan Trend Shop for around $109, which already includes shipping.

Image Source: Japan Trend Shop

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