Creator: Flappy Bird returns… soon

Flappy Bird returns... soon

Flappy Bird returns... soon

He hinted in during an interview with Rolling Stone, but recently Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen has confirmed on Twitter that his insanely popular game app will return on Twitter. However, Nguyen tweeted that he does not have a set date when the “different and better than the original” of Flappy Bird returns its way into the App Store and Google Play.

Dong Nguyen became actively again on Twitter lately after a self-imposed hiatus since he pulled out Flappy Bird, responding to tweets from fans and aspiring game developers. When asked if he is working on a new version of Flappy Bird, he tweeted: “Yes. But not soon.” He added that the returning app will “not be the original game but a better one.”

And by better, Nguyen previously hinted that a warning message to “take a break” from the game would regularly appear in the new app.

First launched in the Apple App Store in May 2013, Flappy Bird gained momentum on the latter part of the year until it became the top free app on both iOS and Android in February this year. Nguyen reportedly receive $50,000 in daily ad revenue, but he removed the app on February 9 after he could no longer bear the stress from the press and those who blame the app for ruining their lives. Despite the removal, players who kept Flappy Bird in their mobile devices can still play them.

Apart from the Flappy Bird return, Nguyen also said he is working on other mobile games, a result of the loads of revenue he received.

Source: Mashable

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