Five Fine Ski Gadgets You Like to Have

Still giddy about the extended winter season? How about put on some skis and have fun sliding along the slopes. Although you would be fine skiing with the most basic of ski gear, it would be nice to have one–or all–of these to enhance your skiing experience.

Helmet cameras (pictured) – Do you wish you could record your epic runs on video and watch it with your family and friends? Nowadays, ski accessory companies provide compact digital cameras on their helmets, at least for those who want them. Of course, the best helmet cameras are built to withstand extreme environments like rain, wind, and snow. Helmet cameras cost from a low as US$80 to as much as $400, depending on the size of the camera as well as the quality of the video.

Polarized photo chromatic ski goggles – Even the most experienced skiers know that you need more than one ski goggles just to cope with the mountains’ unpredictable conditions. Good thing you can buy just one. These photochromatic ski goggles feature lenses that change based on the level of lighting, so you are assured of the best visibility whenever and wherever.

Heated gloves – Face it, no amount of gloves could keep your fingers warm when dealing with the snowy slopes, unless if these handwarmers become warm on their own with the help of a built-in battery pack. Ideal heated gloves for skiers should cover the entire length of the fingers. You could also try putting on heated glove liners into your favorite pair.

Ultralight multi-purpose ski poles – Carbon fiber ski poles are all the rage nowadays. Not only they are very lightweight and very tough, the best in the bunch features lock-jaw mechanism that lets users make length adjustments quick and easy, as well as extra-wide dual-density grips for added comfort. They also function as a snow depth ruler and inclinometer, thereby lightening your load.

Ski GPS trackers – Want to make a record on all of your skiing exploits? Wondering how many feet you have skied? Ski GPS tracker is an added essential for every skier. This device, usually worn like a wristwatch, tracks your skiing stats and sends them wirelessly to your computer. You can even use this when the snow has melted and you decide to hike the mountains.

Source: Travel Gear Blog

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