Five Essential Kitchen Gadgets You Need

For those who have been around the kitchen for quite some time now, there are certain gadgets that some people have come to consider as indispensable for a variety of common tasks. Different people may have different choices when it comes to such essential kitchen gadgets. But here are five of what most kitchen savvy people consider as the most essential.

Sharp Knife Set

With kitchen tasks usually involving cutting and slicing different ingredients, it pays to have a set of sharp knives around. A good set will help make things easier for the cook around the kitchen. While some may make do with just one, a set designed to do a variety of cutting and slicing tasks would be a better option for people who spend most of their time around the kitchen.

Mandoline Slicer

A mandoline slicer is a useful device used to do a variety of slicing tasks, most especially in making juliennes or shoestring cuts with different ingredients. It usually comes with different blade options to adjust to different slicing sizes and styles. What makes it handy is that it features a hand guard that help prevent accidental cutting when used.

Garlic Press (pictured)

Preparing garlic is always a common cooking task. People find it a chore to peel mince garlic. That is why the handy garlic press is always a common fixture in every busy kitchen. It helps make preparing garlic for cooking more convenient. Just a press and the garlic separates from the peeling easily.

Stove-top Grill Pan

This helps allow cooks to do some grilling inside the kitchen. It has a grill side that provides the grill marks for breads and meats. The slats also provide a means to have the oil and grease drop and directed to the side of the pan.

Pressure Cooker

Cooking sometimes involves spending a long time trying to tenderize different types of meat. Having a pressure cooker handy can help get things done quicker. That is why having a pressure cooker around is essential for many cooks always preparing meat.

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