Fitbit Tracker

Fitbit Tracker

Fitness enthusiasts now have another reason to celebrate. You can now keep track of your activities, the calories you burn, even the amount of rest and sleep you get.

What is the Fitbit tracker?

The brainchild of Eric Friedman and James Park, Fitbit is a wireless device that is looking out to become a necessary tool to help you keep track of your physical fitness. You will need to hook up a "base station" to your PC at home. Walk within 25-50 ft. of the base station and it will automatically upload the information it has tracked into the free Fitbit website.

What does the Fitbit track?

For something so small, the Fitbit has a big range of functions . First, it measures intensity and duration of your physical activities as well as the number of steps you have taken and the distance you have traveled (wow!).

It also indicates – now hear this – the period of time it took you to fall asleep and even the number of times you woke up in the course of the night. And as if that’s not enough, it also gives the duration of your actual sleep vs. simply lying in bed.

But before you start scrambling for one, it’s not all-around fitness wonder. Since Fitbit is designed to detect your movements, it will not be as accurate for activities as biking and cycling. It is also not waterproof so it is not advisable to use it to track the calories your burn while swimming.

As for monitoring calories from meals, you can visit the Fitbit website where there is a tool for you to enter the information from their database 50,000 foods.

How does the Fitbit tracker work?

The Fitbit tracker is equipped with a motion sensor similar to the one in the Nintendo Wii. The motion sensor detects your movements in 3D.

It’s turns your movements that it has detected into information that you can use as basis for your regular fitness routines. Fitbit uses blue OLED display for you to be able to see the information that it has detected from your daily activities. Simply clip on to your clothes or use the accompanying wristband or belt holster.

You do not always have to be within 25-50 ft. of the base station to use this device. The Fitbit tracker can record detailed data for 7 days, and summarized data for 30 days.


Fitbit claims that their calorie data is "is very similar to those from energy expenditure measurement devices used in clinical research."

It is also said to be an accurate pedometer, with it’s set-counting function tuned accurately through a number of tests.

As for its sleep tracking function, the data gathered by the Fitbit tracker reportedly matches results from sleep lab polysomnograms.

The Fitbit tracker can be a really useful tool for those who are keen to be in shape. However, this device is not just for serious fitness buffs. It can also be used by regular people who want to lead healthier lifestyles.

The Fitbit tracker will start shipping this month.

Image source: Fitbit

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