FishBit Helps Monitor Your Aquarium For You

FishBitTaking care of fishes in an aquarium requires your time and attention. You are taking care of living things in a specific water environment that needs constant monitoring and check up. But most of the time, work and other daily tasks may prevent you from taking care of your aquarium as much as you would like to. It may not be good for the fishes that you try to care for. If you wish to be better at taking care of your aquarium fish, let FishBit lend you a hand.

FishBit is a unique monitoring device and app that will help you care for your aquarium fishes. Even though you might think that your aquarium is still clear and nice, there are other unseen factors that might affect the living environment of the fishes. Things like water temperature, pH balance, and salinity are factors that can affect your fishes. The FishBit set comes with a monitor, controller and an app to help you monitor your aquarium better. Users can drop the FishBit monitor into the aquarium that will monitor the water’s temperature, salinity and pH balance. You can then connect your aquarium devices like light, pumps and heater into the FishBit controller. Then, download the FishBit app into your smartphone or tablet and enter your WiFi info into it.

FishBit will keep track of the aquarium environment for you and will keep you notified if things are not right through the app. You can even control the aquarium devices you connect through the FishBit controller using the app and turn them on or off even when you are not home. You no longer have to worry about forgetting to take care of the fishes when you are on a vacation or working trip. The app will notify you if things require attention and you may have the means to set it right, thanks to FishBit. The developers of FishBit are currently conducting a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project. Unfortunately, all the slots for early adopters have already been taken, which can get the early version of FishBit for $299 to $349. Unless they open up additional slots for interested backers, you may need to wait up until June this year to have a glimpse of the device. Retail pricing has not been provided as of yet. The backer funding mentioned above might give you a bit of an idea of what its price range may be.

Image Source:  Kickstarter

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