First Android Netbook Coming Out This Year

Android Netbook

Don’t look now, but the very first Netbooks running on Google’s Android open source operating system may be coming out several months from now. For some, it may not mean a lot. But consider this- if such Netbooks do have a successful launch and will be widely received and accepted by more and more people, be prepared for such devices to enjoy a slash down in prices. A lot say that this would lead to Netbooks priced in the sub-$200 category.

An article from Computerworld reports that Skytone Transmission Technologies Co. Ltd. from Guangzhou, China is undergoing final testing on a Netbook it calls the Alpha 680. The report is significant in that it is the first to announce a Netbook that will be running on the Android platform. Not only that, it may also be the first Netbook to come out using the ARM architecture if and when it does come out as reported.

The Google Android open source operating system was initially designed for use on smart phones. But then reports of some people playing with the operating system and making it run on their Netbooks began circulating online. As the news spread over of the Android OS being able to hold out pretty well when used for devices other than mobile phones, plans on making Netbooks running on the open source operating system begin to mount. And it has since led to this report from Skytone of being the first company to say that it is coming out with Android Netbooks in the coming months.

Along with using the Android OS, the Netbook would also be the first of its kind to use the ARM architecture. Like the Android OS, the ARM processors are more closely associated with its use on smart phones primarily due to its excellent energy efficiency features. It is even considered as more efficient than the current Intel Atom CPU on Netbooks which is already energy efficient to begin with.

This Android/ARM line of Netbooks is said to bring some more excitement into the already promising Netbook market. Some say it will bring along new Netbooks with 12 hours worth of battery life. And most surely, taking advantage of open source software and OS, it would help bring down Netbook prices a lot lower than the current ones now available.

The supposed specs of the Skytone Alpha 680 may be basic at best- 7 inch LCD display, 128 MB DDR2 RAM, 1 GB SSD, SD card slot and Wi-Fi connectivity. But the thing is, this Netbook may just bring in the next wave of ARM/Android Netbooks that are set to challenge the Intel/ Microsoft dominated PC market. But then again, all will depend on how people would react to the new Android Netbooks once they become available on the market.

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