First Alert Atom P1000 Smoke Alarm

Ensuring that your home is safe from fires should be essential to its design. While you cannot stop all accidental fires from happening, you can at least try to stop it before it gets worse. The important thing is that you have an alarm system to warn you of fires. Installing a fire alarm system in your home is a good investment to protect you against damage caused by fires. The First Alert Atom P1000 Smoke Alarm can offer you that first instance alert in the event of a fire in your home.

The First Alert Atom P1000 Smoke Alarm is your early warning device when a fire breaks out. It alerts you with a powerful penetrating 85 decibel sound when it detects smoke. The smoke alarm features a photoelectric sensor comes with an advanced smoke entry system that detects slow smoldering fires. It provides maximum protection for your home with fewer false alarms that can happen from smoke when cooking or from the shower steam. It comes in a micro design, a fraction of the size of a standard smoke alarm. Weighing only 3 oz., this tiny smoke alarm will not look like an eyesore when installed on the ceiling of any home.

The First Alert Atom Smoke and Fire Alarm comes with a smart product clip system that makes it easy to attach to any wall or ceiling. It is powered by a single 3-volt CR2 long-life lithium battery. The First Alert Atom P1000 Smoke Alarm is available at First Alert for US$25.

Image Source: First Alert

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