No Firefox Phone for you, America

Firefox Phone may not arrive to US next year.

Firefox Phone may not arrive to US next year.

So much for waiting when the Firefox Phone will arrive in the United States. While ZTE, the manufacturer behind the Firefox OS-powered ZTE Open, plan to release a “bigger and better” smartphone for the US market in 2014, something Firefox’s former CEO Gary Kovacs echoed, the organization behind the mobile OS apparently has other plans.

In an interview with CNET, Mozilla’s Executive Chairman Mitchell Baker reveals there are no plans to launch their Firefox Phone in the US just yet. She adds that the company is forcused on marketing its gadgets to developing nations, which the bigwigs like Apple and Samsung often ignore.

“For most of the world, price is really important. But for us, a $500 phone, how many of us have one,” she rhetorically asked CNET’s editor-in-chief, Paul Sloan. “How many cents you can shave off the bottom of the phone is the driving factor.”

There were, however, Firefox OS phones that had been offered primarily for developers through eBay. If you truly want to have your own Firefox phone, there is a possibility you could find some second-hand units online.

Source: CNET

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