Firefly Accent Lamp

Firefly Accent Lamp

It is not often that one may develop an interest in seemingly ordinary things. But there are some times when a unique design or feature seems to catch the imagination of a person develop some interest, enough to give a certain gadget a second look. Such may happen when one comes upon a Firefly Accent Lamp.

One look at the Firefly Accent Lamp and you would not think that it is a lamp at all. You would look at like just any other piece of wall accessory. But in fact, this item that looks like a giant firefly actually is a working lamp. This fanciful lamp is made out of cast resin designed with a bronze finish. It hides a bulb fixture inside that offers a warm golden glow when lighted. It is ideally designed for use on a tabletop, fixed on a wall or anywhere you might fancy a warm golden glow of a firefly. It’s available at Signals and sells for US$25 each.

Image Source: Signals

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