Finland Police Seize Winnie The Pooh Laptop from 9-Year-Old Girl

How far will Finland fight against online piracy? To the point it would confiscate the laptop of a poor 9-year-old girl!

Finnish police recently raided the home of a 9-year-old girl and seized her Winnie the Pooh laptop because it contained The Pirate Bay, the file-sharing website notorious for distributing copyrighted content, following a complaint by the CIAPC anti-piracy group. The raid came after the girl’s father ignored a request to pay around 600 euros (about US$770) to settle potential piracy charges without prosecution.

The daughter apparently had some illegal download activity, as she tried to search in Google and The Pirate Bay for local pop star Chisu’s latest album. The father claims that search did not result any usable files (which we suspect could be honey-pot files, a.k.a. traps), so they went to a retail store the next day and bought a physical album instead.

Online civil rights group Electronic Frontier Finland (EFF) has pointed to this example on how out-of-hand the anti-piracy measures have gotten in this country in the Scandinavia. Chisu, meanwhile, has spoken out against the action, apologizing to her 9-year-old fans and has even directed them to her Spotify page where they can listen to her albums for free.

Source: Torrentfreak, via TechCrunch

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