Finally, Uber Updates Its Rating System


logoThere has been quite a lot of complaints regarding the use of the popular taxi-hailing app, Uber. There have been experiences about passengers and bad drivers, and vice versa. From the passenger’s stand point, it has been quite tasking to make a driver review from the app because of its location. Users have to dig out through their Account and Payment Options before they can access the ratings system. Others never bother despite their complaints.

Based on Demand

But a lot more Uber app users have been talking about it that the company thinks that it warranted an update for better customer satisfaction to a certain degree. So right now, it is more convenient to access the ride or driver rating system from the Uber app, something that many users will certainly appreciate.

The new update has made it possible for users of the app to open the review system right under their name when using the hamburger icon. It is more convenient and easier to locate. The update was needed because many users of the app feel that the previous review system was not being used effectively because it is quite challenging to locate.

In the same way, Uber has also updated its review system to make it fairer to its drivers. Passengers using UberPool may review the drivers unfairly by stating reasons that are beyond the driver’s control, such as the length of travel and unruly co-passengers. The update will provide other reasons for a bad trip as well as not trying to count reviews against the driver based on factors not under their control. The update is a win-win situation wherein both drivers and passengers of Uber will be able to get fair treatment from each other. It is a good way for Uber to address certain lingering issues that may have caused it to suffer in terms of customer, as well as driver satisfaction.

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