Final Fantasy XIV Now Accepting Beta Testers

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV, a soon-to-be-released MMORPG from Square Enix, is undergoing beta testing and is now accepting applications from gamers of all levels.

Whether you are a fan of the Final Fantasy franchise, a hardcore MMORPG gamer, or simply a casual netizen who just likes to play during casual breaks, this is your chance to become one of the first to play this online game, which is set to be launched on PlayStation 3 and PC in 2010.  All you have to do is visit the official beta site and submit your application.

You have to take note, however, that Square Enix has listed several qualifications for applicants.  For one, the beta product is the Windows version (sorry PS3 gamers), must be at least 18 years of age, has a Square Enix ID account, must possess a fast Internet connection, and can accept large amounts of data.

According to Square Enix, selection of applicants depends on the content of each application, which will be composed of several rounds of selections, with the total number of participants increasing every time.

Image source:  Square Enix

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