FiLIP: Smartwatch and locator for kids

FiLIP smartwatch and locator for kids

FiLIP smartwatch and locator for kids

While parents wish their children would not be abducted, it is best to be prepared for the worst possible scenario if they leave their kids for school or whatnot. FiLIP is a smartwatch and locator for the young ones, and will be available exclusively to AT&T.

As a smartwatch, the FiLIP can store up to five phone numbers your child can call with the touch of a button. Parents can also set which numbers are allowed to call on their kid’s FiLIP, as well as send text messages to the device. (Kids cannot message back, though, but they can call Mum.) Of course, it also tells time in “12:27” and “TWELVE TWENTY SEVEN” formats.

FiLIP smartwatch and locator for kids

Meanwhile, it connects with FiLIP’s iOS or Android application so parents can check their kid’s current location with the help of GPS, WiFi, and cell tower triangulation. It also sets “safe zone parameters”, so parents would be alerted through the app if their children are way off.

Apart from helicopter parents, this watch is also ideal for parents of preteens who keep asking for a phone, but are too young to be exposed to the certain dangers that smartphones bring in children.

The FiLIP is now available for pre-order for a yet undisclosed price, which also comes with a data plan from AT&T.

Source: MyFiLIP

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